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Maposa International works across a wide range of industries. We offer and deliver global solutions across a range of industry sectors in order to reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance operational excellence and ensure regulatory compliance.

Maposa International is a global authorized distributor who offers high-performance solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we provide market solutions that uniquely meet a range of industries’ needs – solving any application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product – no matter what your industrial sector is.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions in the fields of Hydro Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Agriculture & Forestry, Food and Beverage Production, HVAC/R, Maintenance and Repair, Wood Product Manufacturing and many more. You are welcome to click оn any picture or a name of the industrial sector and we shall be at your service so all you have to do is browse through our products.

Products and Technologies

Majоr products are Hydro Generations machinery, Mining machinery, farm and construction machinery, metalworking and other manufacturing machinery, HVAC and commercial refrigeration equipment, and general-use machineries such as engines and pumps. While some products, such as tractors or heaters, are finished products, others, like motors, are components used in further production, and some, like textile looms, are custom-designed for a particular manufacturing process.

Thousands of world companies manufacture machinery and equipment. Most are SMEs, but there are also many large, publically traded firms and iconic American brands that do business on a global scale.


Retailing is the sale of products, generally without transformation, and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user.
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Machinery Manufacturing

Companies in the Machinery Manufacturing Industry create end products that apply mechanical force, for example, the application of gears and levers, to perform work.
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Oil and Gas Extraction

Companies and establishments in the Oil & Gas Extraction Industry operate and/or develop oil and gas field properties.
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The Utility Industry comprises businesses primarily engaged in operating electric, gas and water utilities.
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The HVAC/R Industry manages indoor environments, designs, builds, installs, services maintains, troubleshoots and repairs indoor comfort and cooling systems year-round.
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Construction Industry is a large, dynamic and complex sector that plays an important role in the world.
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Mining comprises the discovery, valuation, development, exploitation, processing, and marketing of useful minerals, such as coal, iron and precious metals.
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The Chemical Industry is an indispensable component of the world economy, converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals into more than 70,000 different products which impinge on virtually every aspect of our lives.
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Maintenance and Repair

The success of your facility can be directly related to its maintenance, repair and operational solutions.
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