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Operation and Maintenance

Our Global Network with leaders in the provision of O&M services in Power Generation Plants.

IMaposa acts Out Source for customer-oriented company, focused on providing excellent service through ongoing collaboration with customers. In this way, it is possible to meet the specific needs of each and every customer and to remain in close contact throughout the project life cycle. In order to successfully meet the requirements of each specific plant, Maposa has a huge network with International Companies and individuals for the workforce that is committed to quality and efficiency.  


Operation and Maintenance Hydropower

Our service of maintenance on Hydro centrals includes predictive maintenance of electric production centres, hydro turbines maintenance and electromechanics components in order to offer to our customers all the services that maximise the availability and profitability of their hydro installation.

We address the operation and maintenance to the Hydraulic and Mini hydraulic Power Plants with the added value of our experience.

Special Services

  • Programmed shut-downs and overhaul inspection
  • Major Correctives
  • Spares
  • Retrofits
  • Management and Engineering of Maintenance
  • High Voltage Services
  • External Audits and QC/QA

Operation and Maintenance Oil & Gas

We contribute to our customer’s innovative solutions along the entire value chain of your Oil Gas installation, offering a wide variety of services destined to satisfy the exigencies and demands of the hydrocarbons industry.

Operation and Maintenance

  1. Integrated Operation and Maintenance of the plant
                – Preventive Maintenance, Minor Corrective Services and Major Corrective Services. 
                – Maintenance of safety elements, roads and infrastructures.
                – Predictive maintenance and online indicator monitoring.
                – Plant operation, Monitoring and reporting.
                – Plant performance study, efficiency analysis and continuous improvement.
                – Provision of stock, the supply of spares, consumables and components.
                – Management of purchasing, logistics and repairs. 
                – Environmental management
    2. Support for Preventive technical shuts-down 
    3. Preventive maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s manual, our own criteria and that of our customers

      4. Document Management

            – Definition of maintenance ranges 
            – Creation of maintenance plans
            – Implantation of computer-aided maintenance systems

Distribution Automation

Maposa International can offer a wide range of products and solutions with the latest technology for electrical distribution grids, within the context of developing smart grids. 

The products outsourced by Maposa in this area are designed to facilitate and control electrical services optimally, guaranteeing energy supply to end users in different urban or rural areas whilst helping to meet the varying demands that electrical companies require of small energy producers who need to connect themselves to the grid.

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